We are all aware of the difficulties that the current lock-down in Romania and elsewhere is causing and will continue to cause over the next few weeks. In Romania the Government has requested companies make arrangements to enable their employees to work from Home, and prohibit meetings and events. This is for a period of thirty days and will then be reviewed.

We at Hammond Partnership have made all the necessary arrangements for the Firm to continue to function and to assist clients are required. Should you have any issues please do not hesitate to contact either your normal contact in the Firm or send an email to enquiries@hammond-partnership.com.

Please note that currently under the State of Emergency all court hearings in Romania are suspended except for emergency hearings. This means that there will be delay in decisions handed down by the court. Already notices are being issued delay court hearings for a period in excess of thirty days. These events need to be taken into account in dealing with your future business planning.

Should you have any queries as to how the current events in Romania will affect your business then contact us and we will be able to advise you. The situation is very fluid, and the Government is currently considering what steps to take to take for the benefit of its citizens and both employers and employees. It is important to understand both the short term effect in your business.

We will keep everyone informed as matters progress and in the mean time we wish everyone well and will continue to assist as required.