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Nicholas S. Hammond has established Hammond Partnership as a professional Romanian law company. He is a corporate and property lawyer by training. He spent 25 years in London before moving to Bucharest in 1994 to open the Bucharest office of a well-known international law firm. He advises investors both private individuals and international businesses on commercial matters in Romania with an emphasis on M&A and corporate matters. Nicholas has extensive experience in the commercial sector having acted for a number of insurance companies, aviation companies and companies in the oil and gas as well as renewable energy field. He also advises upon employment issues. Nicholas has also acted for foreign investors in the real estate field in respect of acquisitions and disposals and leasehold matters.

How to find the right litigation lawyer for your needs

What is litigation? By the term “litigation“, we mean going to court for settling the dispute between or among parties. It is a legal proceeding initiated between the opposing parties, with the aim of enforcing or defending the legal right. In this process, the case is brought to the court, where the judge (appointed by [...]

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How can a tax lawyer help your business

You never know when you’ll face a complex tax situation that calls for outside help. If you’re lucky, it will never happen to you, and dealing with your taxes will be a seamless and straightforward process. A tax lawyer’s help can be useful if you are facing a complex or difficult legal tax situation. This [...]

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Legal measures taken by Romanian Government in respect of limiting the spread of the SARS-COV2 virus

Once the daily number of cases of people infected with the SARS COV 2 virus reached 10.000 and when extending the state of alert that Romania has been under for the latest 6 months, the Government has sought fit to establish further measures both in the areas of fiscal and labour law.The main measures regarding [...]

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Documents required for setting up a Limited Company in Romania – SRL

The S.R.L. (Limited Liability Company) is the most common form of organization of companies in Romania, being also one of the safest for associates. The S.R.L. is also the most convenient way to open a company, as the share capital required for the establishment is only 200 lei. In Romania, the person/group of persons wishing [...]

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Romanian SRL – Loss of Capital

The current economic climate in Romania is such that at the end of 2020 many Romanian companies may find that their capital has been substantially reduced because of falling income and reduced activity in Romania because of COVID-19. Probably the first time that the shareholders will become aware of this position will be when the [...]

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What are the conditions under which an enforceable title or an enforceable decision may be issued?

Enforcement is a procedure that, according to Romanian legal norms, can begin only on the basis of an enforceable title. The procedure can be legally initiated when a customer with debts refuses to make a payment or even when he is unable to pay. Specifically, enforcement can be initiated when the person undergoing the procedure [...]

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Legal provisions applicable in Romania regulating spousal support and the separation of the assets during a divorce

This article deals with the position following an application for a divorce maintenance and division of assets during the divorce if the divorce application is heard in Romania. Romanian legislation has tried to approach this matter but the courts are limited to applications that can be made under the Romanian Civil Code. According to the [...]

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Ways to recover debts with the help of a lawyer

The smooth running of any company depends on a stable flow of capital and the maintenance of assets within it. For this reason, recovering the amounts owed from various debtors is of major importance, helping the company to carry out its daily activities in a normal way. The Romanian legal system provides a very clear [...]

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What does insolvency mean for individuals

The insolvency procedure can be general or simplified. While the general procedure includes judicial reorganization and the attempt to recover - the simplified one means that the debtor goes directly into bankruptcy, but only if he meets certain conditions. Hammond Partnership Law Firm provides legal services in the area of insolvency, reorganization or bankruptcy. Participants [...]

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Legal aspects of a merger

Internationally, the mergers market has seen a substantial growth in the last decades, both in terms of value and in terms of the number of transactions. This growth was abruptly stopped by the economic crisis of 2008, but has managed to recover since 2010. The development of the process of restructuring companies among developed countries [...]

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