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Nicholas S. Hammond has established Hammond Partnership as a professional Romanian law company. He is a corporate and property lawyer by training. He spent 25 years in London before moving to Bucharest in 1994 to open the Bucharest office of a well-known international law firm. He advises investors both private individuals and international businesses on commercial matters in Romania with an emphasis on M&A and corporate matters. Nicholas has extensive experience in the commercial sector having acted for a number of insurance companies, aviation companies and companies in the oil and gas as well as renewable energy field. He also advises upon employment issues. Nicholas has also acted for foreign investors in the real estate field in respect of acquisitions and disposals and leasehold matters.

The effects of opening the insolvency proceedings

According to Law no. 85/2014, insolvency is defined as that state of the debtor's patrimony which is characterized by the insufficiency of the funds available for the payment of certain, liquid and due debts. When it goes bankrupt, a company has practically two options: reorganization and insolvency. However, few companies manage to reorganize, because they [...]

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What are the steps in a merger process?

Mergers and acquisitions (or M&A) are transactions of changing ownership between two companies, wherein a merger is a combining of two companies and an acquisition is one company buying another. Basically, M&A involves the process of combining two companies into one. The purpose of combining two or more businesses is to try and achieve synergy [...]

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Acquiring a company by buying shares

What are the shares for a company? From a legal point of view, a share represents the ownership right of its holder over a share in the company. The holder of one or more shares of a company has the right to dividends granted from its profit, has the right to participate in decision-making, through [...]

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The importance of knowing the tax legislation

Tax law is a branch of public law. Fiscal legal reports are born in the process of collecting taxes or their administration. The administration of taxes and duties is a legal notion used by the tax procedure code, whose legal coverage is much wider, considering not only the collection, but also the tax registration, the [...]

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New law regarding agricultural land has been passed by the Romanian Parliament

As Romania is moving towards re-opening, Hammond Partnership hopes that you are all well and have not been ill with the virus. As the world moves to re-opening business will continue to pick up and we look forward to meeting you if you come to Romania whether for business or pleasure. During this period, an [...]

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How to recognize a good lawyer in commercial and corporate law

What is Commercial Law? Commercial law is a set of legal rules of private law that apply to legal relationships arising from legal acts, deeds and transactions considered by law as trade deeds, as well as legal relationships in which traders are involved. Corporate lawyers are experts in company and business law. They understand the [...]

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Management of the legal form of the company and the applicable regulations

  Nowadays, non-compliance with guidelines and corporate governance rules can have a direct and material impact on the company from a legal perspective. This is especially true for listed and regulated entities, where such non-compliance can have a negative long-term impact on business success. The specialization of Mergers and Acquisitions lawyers includes aspects related to [...]

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What does the partial or complete acquisition of a Romanian company entail?

Mergers and Acquisitions (known in international terminology as M & A) are generally considered growth methods reserved for large, well-capitalized companies owned by investors. A merger can also take place between companies registered in different Member States of the European Union (cross-border merger), the procedure being somewhat similar to the local one. The mergers and [...]

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COVID-19 forces change in law enforcement procedures

The purpose of enforcement is generally to get back sums of money, but it may also be to have some other kind of duty performed (duty to do something or refrain from doing something, such as to deliver goods or finish work or refrain from trespassing). The procedure can start only at the request of [...]

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Romanian High Court decision regarding the Companies Law (Law no. 31/1990) and its interpretation of special meetings of Shareholders

On 20th January 2020 the Romanian High Court delivered its judgement referring to whether the decisions adopted by the special meeting of shareholders can be challenged in court with action for annulment. The issue arose from a court decision in Bihor, due to a lack of an accurate legal framework regarding the special meetings of [...]

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