Hammond Partnership law firm advises transportation clients on a variety of legal matters pertaining to aviation and shipping law, and arising from their business operations, such as airport and property leases, arrangements with service providers and ground handling companies, tax issues and employment matters.

  Hammond Partnership’s decades of experience in the field guarantee in-depth expertise of all manner of issues our clients may be facing when it comes to aviation and shipping law: operations, regulations, commercial and insurance.

Hammond Partnership’s aviation law client services

  Our clients vary in scope and size from small enterprises to large logistic companies and from sale negotiations to lease agreements and setting up a Romanian airline.

  An integral part of Hammond Partnership’s approach to aviation law cases is our handling of the client-law firm relationship: we strongly believe in the importance of a partnership based on relevant, timely and applicable advice and one that sets up a long-lasting, trust-based relationship with our clients.

  Regardless of their business and needs, all Hammond Partnership aviation and shipping clients can rely on our team of expert lawyers that can not only handle the legal and operational aspects of a case, but can also offer valuable technical expertise based on decades of experience in the field.

Hammond Partnership’s experience in aviation law cases

Advising a Romanian helicopter operations company in relation to leasing agreements with international operators;

Reviewing documents of a major ground handler at Romania airports;

Setting up a Romanian airline and advising on relevant contracts;

Acting for local offices of international airlines in respect of passenger claims.

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