From mergers and acquisitions in the aviation industry to advice and legal assistance in order to obtain the necessary licenses, Hammond Partnership offers the most appropriate solutions to the problems that clients may face.

Hammond Partnership, romanian law firm provides in-depth expertise when it comes to aviation and shipping law such as:

Legal assistance for the various transport authorization operations (registration or specific records, both for the cars, and for the air transport);

Legal assistance as regards the clearance of personnel or the exploitation;

Assistance in hiring, negotiating and establishing guarantees;

Transactions with flight operators and ground operators in relation with taxes;

Legal advice for drafting the reports and contracts (road transport, air transport and so on);

Negotiation for the purchase of various goods, the rental contracts and the establishment of companies;

Consultancy for the leasing contracts;

Legal advice in road/air transport contracts.

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Relevant experience – Aviation and Shipping lawyer: Hammond Partnership

Our main concern when it comes to aviation and shipping law is to protect our clients’ interests by providing solutions that are applicable both in the short and the long term.

The relevant experience of our team in aviation and shipping law is reflected in:

Advising an helicopter company in relation to leasing agreements with international operators;

Reviewing documents of a major ground handler at Romania airports;

Setting up a Romanian airline and advising on relevant contracts;

Lawyer’s Fees – Aviation & Shipping lawyer

First of all, you should know that estimated fees for our services are variable. They can be determined by the difficulty and the length of time needed to solve the case. Also, the additional activities may bring changes in the tariff.

On the other hand, we offer valuable technical expertise based on decades of experience in the field, whether the clients wanted to obtain an authorization in aviation or to sign a leasing contract.

In conclusion, regardless of the final result, a fixed fee will be established for the case from the very beginning. However, a success fee will be also stipulated in the contract when we get the result desired by our clients.

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