Bankruptcy and Insolvency lawyer

The role of a lawyer in insolvency and bankruptcy is to reduce all the negative effects both in the insolvent society, but also on the clients or employees. In fact, a good lawyer in insolvency will analyze in detail the entire financial situation and will implement a strategy for solving the problems of the company, in order to ensure as much as possible the future of the company or, in other cases, the fulfillment of the interests of the shareholders or the stakeholders.

Thus, Hammond Partnership Law Firm provides legal services in the area of insolvency, reorganization or bankruptcy:

Assistance and representation of persons and legal entities involved in insolvency proceedings;

Representation of insolvent companies in default or bankruptcy to provide them the best management solutions;

Assistance in insolvency and bankruptcy in the forced selling procedure;

Assistance and representation of persons involved in liquidation procedures;

Assistance for companies which invest in other entities by buying their assets;

Customer representation in negotiation of various issues;

Assistance to creditors for the recovery of debts;

Assistance and representation of the debtor’s interests in relation to the legal administrator and the creditors.

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Relevant experience – Bankruptcy and Insolvency lawyer: Hammond Partnership

Regarding the relevant experience of the Hammond Partnership team, there are some aspects that can be presented in two main ideas:

The Hammond Partnership Law Office advised an important bank institution to ensure the recovery of overdue debts;

Also, the insolvency and bankruptcy lawyers provided legal assistance and advice during the debt restitution proceedings to creditors.

Lawyer’s Fees – Insolvency and Bankruptcy Lawyer

If you want to know more about insolvency and bankruptcy fees, we can offer you an estimation.

Estimated fees for the services offered are variable. Also, the fee will be determined by the complexity and duration of time we estimate will take us to solve the bankruptcy and insolvency case we were contracted for.

We note the fact that the amount of time and activities added to those mentioned in the initial discussions can bring changes in the price of the services offered.

Over time, the customers who have approached us for our services, whether we were representing the debtor’s interest with the court administrator and creditors, or that they need a lawyer specialized in dissolving companies, argued that the fee was a decent one for a lawyer in insolvency and bankruptcy.

Therefore, regardless the final result, a fixed fee will be set for the litigation. However, an additional successful fee, which will be stipulated beforehand in the contract, will be due if the result is positive for the client.

Are you looking for a Romanian Bankruptcy and

Insolvency lawyer?