Management of the legal form of the company and the applicable regulations

  Nowadays, non-compliance with guidelines and corporate governance rules can have a direct and material impact on the company from a legal perspective. This is especially true for listed and regulated entities, where such non-compliance [...]

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What does the partial or complete acquisition of a Romanian company entail?

Mergers and Acquisitions (known in international terminology as M & A) are generally considered growth methods reserved for large, well-capitalized companies owned by investors. A merger can also take place between companies registered in different [...]

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COVID-19 forces change in law enforcement procedures

The purpose of enforcement is generally to get back sums of money, but it may also be to have some other kind of duty performed (duty to do something or refrain from doing something, such [...]

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Romanian High Court decision regarding the Companies Law (Law no. 31/1990) and its interpretation of special meetings of Shareholders

On 20th January 2020 the Romanian High Court delivered its judgement referring to whether the decisions adopted by the special meeting of shareholders can be challenged in court with action for annulment. The issue arose [...]

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How long will my romanian court case take?

A question that we normally get from our clients who we assist or represent in court in any civil lawsuits (the notion of civil lawsuit includes commercial lawsuits and any other cases related to relationships [...]

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Romania doing business guide 2020

Romania offers significant opportunities to international businesses for infrastructure projects, production, services, for technologies that meet the growing private demand and contribute to the country’s development priorities. All investors irrespective of whether they are Romanian [...]

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