The importance of the experience of M&A Romania lawyers in the context of mergers and acquisitions

Global trends and future challenges increase the importance of procurement in each company, thus becoming strategic for the success of the organization. In principle, procurement must be involved from the very beginning in the research-development-design [...]

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The effects of opening the insolvency proceedings

According to Law no. 85/2014, insolvency is defined as that state of the debtor's patrimony which is characterized by the insufficiency of the funds available for the payment of certain, liquid and due debts. When [...]

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What are the steps in a merger process?

Mergers and acquisitions (or M&A) are transactions of changing ownership between two companies, wherein a merger is a combining of two companies and an acquisition is one company buying another. Basically, M&A involves the process [...]

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Acquiring a company by buying shares

What are the shares for a company? From a legal point of view, a share represents the ownership right of its holder over a share in the company. The holder of one or more shares [...]

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The importance of knowing the tax legislation

Tax law is a branch of public law. Fiscal legal reports are born in the process of collecting taxes or their administration. The administration of taxes and duties is a legal notion used by the [...]

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New law regarding agricultural land has been passed by the Romanian Parliament

As Romania is moving towards re-opening, Hammond Partnership hopes that you are all well and have not been ill with the virus. As the world moves to re-opening business will continue to pick up and [...]

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