How to protect yourself against a case of discrimination in Romania

For some time in Western Europe, it has been necessary for employers to guard against a potential lawsuit from an employee regarding workplace discrimination or sexual harassment. The last few years have seen considerable development [...]

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Centuro Global Limited

Hammond Partnership now representing Romania as part of the Centuro Global Network As announced by Centuro Global, Hammond Partnership has been appointed as a key Global Partner for Romania. Centuro Global is an international organisation [...]

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Foreclosure Proceedings Romania

Many clients ask us as their Romanian lawyers how they can recover the money and enforce a Romanian judgement that they have obtained against a Romanian debtor. A judgement is all well and good, but [...]

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Impact of Brexit on UK Romanian Companies

Much has been written about the impact of Brexit on the United Kingdom economy but very little has been written about its direct impact on United Kingdom companies and business in the European Union. As [...]

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Precious metals and stones in Romania

Everyone appreciates items made from precious metals and stones – diamonds and rubies. In Romania, the business of operations with precious metals and stones can be carried out by anybody authorized by the National Authority [...]

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Certain obligations within the e-commerce area

Showing an accelerated evolution, e-commerce in Romania is one of the fastest growing economic sectors. Companies are investing more in digitalization and in developing the employee`s digital skills and more entrepreneurs are starting their own [...]

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