Since 2012 there has been a steady increase of claims against airlines in respect of delayed or cancelled flights. Airlines have tried to limit their exposure to claims as in many cases the amount claimed [...]

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How to establish enforcement costs

Enforcement is a procedure by which bailiffs recover tax and non-tax debts that a citizen has not paid or refuses to pay. Whether you are in the process of obtaining a judgement that the bailiff [...]

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One of the biggest complaints in relation to Romania over the last period has been its bureaucracy and the frustrations this has for investors or businessmen used to a different way of doing business. The [...]

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How to find the right litigation lawyer for your needs

What is litigation? By the term “litigation“, we mean going to court for settling the dispute between or among parties. It is a legal proceeding initiated between the opposing parties, with the aim of enforcing [...]

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How can a tax lawyer help your business

You never know when you’ll face a complex tax situation that calls for outside help. If you’re lucky, it will never happen to you, and dealing with your taxes will be a seamless and straightforward [...]

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Legal measures taken by Romanian Government in respect of limiting the spread of the SARS-COV2 virus

Once the daily number of cases of people infected with the SARS COV 2 virus reached 10.000 and when extending the state of alert that Romania has been under for the latest 6 months, the [...]

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