Interview with lawyer Nicholas Hammond: How complicated is it to provide legal services in Romania as a foreigner

In a society that puts too much price on quick solutions and on the principle of dealing only with its own resources, which often prove to be insufficient, the need for professional services is even [...]

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Reflections on Cross-Border Debt Collection

Where there is trade there are debts. This is something that always has to be borne in mind. I was recently reminded of this at a conference which I attended last week on debt collection [...]

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Annual Meeting of IR Global in London

Nicholas Hammond attended the Annual Meeting of IR Global in London on 14th to 16th October as representative from Romania. The meeting culminated in a festive dinner in the ballroom of the Whitehall [...]

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New Appointments

Hammond Partnership is pleased to announce the appointment of two new senior lawyers to their office in Bucharest. Narcis Bogoiu is an experienced lawyer in the field of insolvency and corporate reconstruction and will be [...]

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Interim Dividends

Interim Dividends For many years there has been an ongoing debate in Romania about the payment of dividends during the current financial year.  Following a strict interpretation of the law most companies would not pay [...]

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Death of One Party During Divorce Proceedings

Death of one party during Divorce Proceedings Occasionally, during the divorce proceedings, one of the parties dies before a final decree is pronounced. This can also happen after the initial Romanian divorce decree has been [...]

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