Globalaw Webinar: Preparing for Post-COVID-19: Central European Bankruptcy Developments

Nicholas Hammond, partner at Hammond Partnership was a speaker at the recent Webinar run by the law association Globalaw on Tuesday which examined changes in Insolvency and Bankruptcy law and practise in central and eastern [...]

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What are the economic crimes according to the Romanian Penal Code?

Economic crimes - legal issues Economic crimes have a special importance in law practice, through law practices. Economic crimes are regulated by both the Penal code and special laws. Company management is exposed to both [...]

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Cryptocurrency exchanges in Romania

The trading of the new form of currency (Cryptocurrency) in Romania and by Romanian companies has until recently been an area where there were many uncertainties and confusion. The increase in interest has been shown [...]

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A question that is now only being discussed and clarified in Romania is the question of the enforcement of United Kingdom judgements in Romania. Currently, the enforcement of judgments within the European Union is regulated [...]

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Romanian Company Administrators Liability

From my experience over the last 12 months, administrators of Romanian companies have become increasingly aware of their potential personal liability if for any reason the company of which they are an administrator fails and [...]

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Since 2012 there has been a steady increase of claims against airlines in respect of delayed or cancelled flights. Airlines have tried to limit their exposure to claims as in many cases the amount claimed [...]

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