Award of legal fees by the Court

According to art. 451 par. 2 of the Romanian Civil Procedure Code, judges are entitled to reduce the lawyers' fees even without one party requesting it.  This will happen where it is found that the [...]

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Romanian Limited Liability Companies Simplified

The first question as advisors to foreign investors that we are asked is what corporate structure to use.  Below is a summary to help those who are considering investing in Romania. Romania has two main [...]

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What happens when my debtor goes into liquidation

Several questions immediately come to mind when your client cannot pay.  One question in regard to Romanian debtors is what happens with the debtor's ongoing contracts when the insolvency starts? One of the main principles [...]

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Restriction on Underage Visiting Rights in Romania

Many parents now raise their children alone, within a single-parent family. This is very often caused by a divorce following which the child will live with only one parent. The establishment of a restrictive visiting [...]

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Another Year – Another Change

The year 2017 was one when many changes were proposed by the Government, but these changes were not always implemented. Some important changes in the field of taxation have taken place however and will [...]

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Receipt of Romanian Court Proceedings

Tempus Fugit. This maxim time flies is one which all lawyers especially Romanian lawyers are well aware of. We were recently concerned with this in relation to a Foreign client and it made us realize [...]

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