Why you need a debt collection attorney

What Does a Debt Collection Attorney Do? While doing business, there is always a chance that it will be necessary to collect a debt through Court action. A debt collection lawyer is able to represent [...]

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Steps in the legal process for Company Formation in Romania

Most investors and business owners in Romania choose to operate their business in Romania by using a limited liability company (“SRL”). The article is prepared on the basis that a decision has already been taken [...]

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Territorial jurisdiction of the Romanian courts in divorce matters

In Romania, there are more and more frequent cases where one of the spouses files a claim for divorce after a long separation or were one of the spouses or both of them are now [...]

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The concept of passenger rights

The European Union defines a set of passenger rights in the EU that are common to all means of public transport by bus, by train, by ship and by plane. The European Court has recently [...]

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The role of a commercial lawyer

What is Commercial Law? Commercial law is a set of legal rules of private law that apply to legal relationships arising from legal acts, deeds and transactions considered by law as trade deeds, as [...]

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Renewable energy

What is renewable energy? Renewable energy is the energy generated from natural sources, that is constantly renewed. The most common examples include wind, solar, geothermal, biomass, and hydropower. Renewable energy is in contrast with non-renewable [...]

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