Corporate issues around Covid-19

Until the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus many companies thought they were sufficiently well organized to deal with slight disruptions to their business either directly or through the disruption of the supply chain. COVID-19 has [...]

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Seconded of non-EU citizens as employees to Romania

Romania continues to be an attractive place for foreign companies to invest in, whether they be from the EU or outside. Problems often arise in the development of the investment when the question of the [...]

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Nicholas Hammond: How to manage risk in multi-nationals

Interview with lawyer Nicholas Hammond Key considerations for multinationals operating in highrisk industries and jurisdictions: - Research carefully all aspects of doing business in the selected country (and town) being aware of local variations and influences; - Make [...]

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Hiring a lawyer specialized in mergers and acquisitions

In today's global business environment, expansion strategies, partnerships and divisions within companies or firms often generate legal, tax and regulatory issues that can impact the success or failure of a transaction. What is Mergers and [...]

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Adoption of EU Money Laundering Legislation

As a Romanian law firm, we are aware of the issues concerning money laundering not only from a professional point of view (know your client), but also from advising clients of their liabilities. This short [...]

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How to choose the best tax lawyer for your case

A tax lawyer, also called a tax attorney, has expertise in the complicated and often-changing world of taxes. Tax lawyers act as advisers for clients in order for the last ones to optimize their financial [...]

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