New Appointments

Hammond Partnership is pleased to announce the appointment of two new senior lawyers to their office in Bucharest. Narcis Bogoiu is an experienced lawyer in the field of insolvency and corporate reconstruction and will be strengthen and develop the Firms expertise in this Field.  In addition, he is an experienced corporate lawyer and commercial lawyer. [...]

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Interim Dividends

Interim Dividends For many years there has been an ongoing debate in Romania about the payment of dividends during the current financial year.  Following a strict interpretation of the law most companies would not pay a dividend until the closing of the year-end in question and when the actual profit had been ascertained. On 10 [...]

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What Now As Brexit Looms

What now as Brexit looms? Many people are now beginning to think in detail about the impact of Brexit. For most people in Romania, it is a still a theoretical adventure that will happen next year.  However, some thought should now be given as to how it will impact on UK investments in Romania and [...]

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Exact Time in Gambling – Serbia

Exact Time in Gambling – Serbia Managing partner of Hammond Partnership, Nicholas Hammond spoke at the Conference “Exact Time in Gambling – Serbia” where he comments upon recent developments at the European level on gaming and Gambling Law and recent developments following the entering into force of the General Data Protection Regulation and future developments. [...]

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An inheritance for a foreign citizen, in Romania

Inheritance for foreign citizens in Romania Since 1990, questions regarding inheritance by non-Romanian citizens are becoming more common.  As an international law firm in Romania, we are receiving queries regarding the rules of succession from law firms outside Romania who are seeking to understand Romanian succession Law and procedure. Romanian inheritance law extends into other [...]

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What happens when my debtor goes into liquidation

What happens when my debtor goes into liquidation? Several questions immediately come to mind when your client cannot pay.  One question in regard to Romanian debtors is what happens with the debtor's ongoing contracts when the insolvency starts? One of the main principles governing Romanian insolvency proceedings is that steps should be taken to re-organise [...]

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Restriction on Underage Visiting Rights in Romania

Restriction on Underage Visiting Rights in Romania Many parents now raise their children alone, within a single-parent family. This is very often caused by a divorce following which the child will live with only one parent. The establishment of a restrictive visiting schedule for the parent that does not have physical custody of the child [...]

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Another Year – Another Change

Romanian Law: Changes in 2018 The year 2017 was one when many changes were proposed by the Government, but these changes were not always implemented. Some important changes in the field of taxation have taken place however and will take effect from 1st January 2018. I set out below some of these changes which I [...]

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Nicholas at the Second Annual Meeting of the Globalaw Association

Nicholas Hammond on the 19th November 2017 as the representative of the Firm attended the Second Annual Meeting of the Global Law Association in Cyprus which brings together leading law firms in China and other countries.  The aim of the conference was to highlight investment opportunities both in China and other areas and to [...]

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The Insolvency procedure

The Insolvency procedure What do you do when the company with whom you have been trading goes into insolvency. The first reaction is to blame someone.  The next reaction is to review your financial position in relation to the company which has gone into insolvency.  You will need to review your written contracts with them [...]