New Name

I am sorry to advise you that the law firm Hammond, Bogaru and Associates no longer exists. I am continuing in Romania in partnership with Alina Minciu an experienced financing and banking lawyer together with a team of experienced Romanian lawyers. Hammond, Minciu and Associates is a full service law firm specialising in corporate and [...]

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Do not let your heart rule your head

One of the greatest difficulties we have as an international law firm operating in Romania is to explain the clients and potential clients the differences in the Romanian legal system and the system which they may be used to. They seem to think that the law should be the same as in their home country and [...]

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Romanian Business Angels to Appear

The Business Angel law has now been introduced into the Romanian legal system. Whether it will stimulate investment in new ventures is a question which still has to be answered. It is a step taken by the Government to try and bring new investment into the market. Law no. 120/2015 regarding fiscal facilities granted to [...]

Have You forgotten About Your Romanian Investment?

During the last period, we have received enquiries concerning property transactions and property led transactions all of which arose out of property purchases prior to 2009. Many investors both foreign and local made purchases during those times which they now regret.  The reasons for this regret are many but they now have to deal with [...]

Contract Negotiating Conclusion

As will have been seen from the previous articles the involvement of the lawyers can cause further delays in negotiating and closing the transaction. In many companies they do not employ lawyers.  They have a person who is defined as a legal advisor.  The legal advisor will have a law degree but is not usually [...]

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Contract Negotiating Romanian Style Part 3

Whilst not specifically part of the initial contract negotiations the introduction of lawyers into the negotiations will add a further dynamic.  Depending on the size of the company the legal department may have been part of the original negotiating team and this can be both a hindrance and a help. The majority of larger companies [...]

Contract Negotiating Romanian Style Part 1

I was recently reading about negotiations in China and how you need to have great patience and understanding.  I brought to mind the situation in Romania when I first came here in 1990.  The situation was not very different then to the Chinese experience.  But what has changed, or has indeed anything changed since those [...]

AERO a re-birth of the Romanian Stock Market ?

Since the beginning of the year we have had a number of enquiries about the AERO stock market in Romania.  These enquiries have come from companies who wanted to know about trading as well as those who were considering going to the market either for a capital raising or a future IPO. AERO came into being because [...]

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Employers Liability

Employment issues are always an interesting topic in Romania.  As Romania has moved to a market economy there has been a revolution in employer/employee relationships.  Depending on the political persuasion of the Government the rules are either relaxed or tightened. Recently we have been asked to advise on employer liability in relation to the acts of employees.  Because of [...]

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Clarity in Representations and Warranties in Share Transactions

Since the beginning of the year we have seen an increase in the number of share transactions, either in the terms of M&A transactions or intercompany transactions following re-organization. I thought that this week it would be a good idea to consider some of the potential pitfall in an M&A transaction especially regarding some popular misconceptions.  [...]

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