Legal provisions applicable in Romania regulating spousal support and the separation of the assets during a divorce

This article deals with the position following an application for a divorce maintenance and division of assets during the divorce if the divorce application is heard in Romania. Romanian legislation has tried to approach this matter but the courts are limited to applications that can be made under the Romanian Civil Code. According to the [...]

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How to divorce someone while living in another country

Whatever the reasons for starting a divorce - infidelity, domestic violence, character mismatch, misunderstandings, once you have made that decision, the most important step is to choose a good divorce lawyer because he can defend your rights and help you throughout the process. Our approach helps or clients to understand the divorce process and its [...]

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Death of One Party During Divorce Proceedings

Occasionally, during the divorce proceedings, one of the parties dies before a final decree is pronounced. This can also happen after the initial Romanian divorce decree has been pronounced and one of the parties decides to appeal. If this happens then the divorce decree is cancelled pending the decision of the appeal procedure. If this [...]

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