European Union case law

/European Union case law

New Directive in EU Law on Trade Secrets and Know-how

One of the many questions we are asked as a law firm in Romania advising foreign clients is the question regarding the protection of know-how and Trade Secrets and what protection is there in Romania. Whilst the protection of Know-how and Trade Secrets is usually covered in local law there is often confusion as to [...]

Residence and Work permits for Non EU Citizens

With the increase of foreigners wishing to come to Romania and Europe to work, we are asked regularly as to what is the position for non-EU citizens concerning work permits and residency. The position of the employment of Non-EU employees is governed in Romania by the provisions of EU Directive 2011/98/EU and Romanian government emergency [...]

Consumer Protection and Gambling in Romania

From our experience as lawyers based in Romania we often point out to our clients involved in the gaming industry that the notion of "consumer protection" is no stranger in their industry. On the contrary it represents a constant concern of the European legislators and has recently become a major topic on the agenda at [...]

Airline Liable to Employers for Compensation for Delay

The European Court of Justice is having a larger influence on people’s lives than is popularly realised. As is often the case the Court has made a decision which will have an impact on consumers in Europe and perhaps world-wide and which was not picked up by the majority of the consumer press, rather only [...]

Romania and the New Insurance Directive

After much debate and discussion, the European Parliament and the Council have issued the recast Directive on Insurance Distribution. EU Directive 2016/97 (“Directive”) was issued on the 20th January 2016 and was published in the Official Journal of the European 2nd February 2016. The provisions of the Directive coming into effect 20 days after its publication. [...]

Romanian Agency Agreements

Despite the current slowing down of international trade we as a law firm in Romania dealing with international trade have seen a rise in interest by foreign SME’s in entering into agency and distributorship agreements with Romanian companies. Whilst the foreign SME’s might seek to invoke the laws of their own country many Romanian companies [...]

Residency procedure for non EU citizens in Romania

Romania as the most eastward of the countries in the European Union receives each year a number of applications for residency from non EU citizens.  Romania is open to granting residency subject to strict guidelines and laws. The legal framework regarding the possibility to reside in Romania for non EU citizens is established in accordance [...]

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Privacy on the Web

Is there now to be more privacy for individuals on the web? There has been much deliberation concerning date protection after the recent European Union Court of Justice decision, which ruled that in certain conditions EU citizens may require that links to web sites of third parties which contain personal data relating to the individuals [...]

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