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Saving Your Property Investment In Romania

Over the last few months as an English speaking Romanian based law firm with international connections we have received a number of enquiries from people outside of Romania who have woken up to the fact that they have in the past made investments in Romania and Eastern Europe and they do not know what has [...]

Romanian Credit Market

One of the issues I face writing this blog is the question of what to choose this week.  Do I write based on the law firms experience of new cases in Romania the preceding week/months or do I write about new legislation proposed or otherwise.  What is interesting for some is not as riveting for others.  Such [...]

Romania – Greece – Ukraine

Why the above headline. During a recent trip to London the question of Greece and Ukraine were raised by a number of people on the basis of what was the impact of the problems in Greece and Ukraine on the Romanian economy and business environment.  It was an aspect that whilst in relation to Greece we [...]

More Land Issues

As discussed last week the sale and purchase of agricultural land became an issue in Romania after January 2014. I think the issue of Romanian land and land ownership will be issues for many years to come. Even now I am surprised how often I am asked, “Is it now the right time to buy land [...]

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Romanian Agricultural Land for Sale

The purchase of land is one of those areas which have caused heated debates in Romania. It is also an area where many lawyers- both Romanian lawyers and foreign law firms, have become involved. Over the last twenty years the purchasing of land as distinct from property has become easier for individuals and companies but [...]

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Romanian Real Estate Taxation

 Romania's taxation system is not noted for its clarity and it does no harm to remind investors of the current position under Romanian law. So this week I thought as prudent Lawyers in Romania we would revisit some tax aspects. Starting with 2007 the Romanian tax system changed in respect of real estate transactions. The legislators sought to impose a [...]

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Legal Audit

Romania is a country which is still trying to find a clear way forward both for business and for the community at large. It is for this reason each year it passes many new laws or more importantly amends existing laws, as well as adopting EU laws and EU regulations and EU directives. The constant [...]

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Some Issues concerning Romanian Property

Like many Romanian law firms we receive periodically requests in relation to property in Romania. This maybe in relation to claiming land and property which was originally owned by a relative who has died or from people who are the heirs and successors of people who have left Romania and seek to reclaim their property [...]