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Child Abduction

The custody and control of children is under Romanian law that of the parents and to those to whom courts delegate this authority. Parental authority involves both rights and obligations for the parents for the education and raising of children.  The rule is that parental authority is exercised jointly by both parents, regardless [...]

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Consumer Protection and Gambling in Romania

From our experience as lawyers based in Romania we often point out to our clients involved in the gaming industry that the notion of "consumer protection" is no stranger in their industry. On the contrary it represents a constant concern of the European legislators and has recently become a major topic on the agenda at [...]

Ash Is The Future of Smoking

In the 1930’s smoking was seen as the “in” thing to do. The social and economic pressure was such that no-one knew or cared about the consequences of smoking. This was also true in the 1950’s and early 1960’s. My own feeling is that it was a case of lack of knowledge other risks rather [...]

Why a Mandate Contract

Since 1989 Romania has passed from the command economy of socialism to commerce based on the free market and capitalism. Romanian commercial development really started with the passing of the Company Law (Law 30/1990) which enabled the formation of limited liability companies as well as joint stock companies. This was a first step in the [...]

Twenty Six Years Ago.

It has been drawn to my attention that 26 years ago on the 12th January 1990, it was the first time I came to Romania. I came with a party of ten, including another partner from my law firm in London. He had never been to Romania either. The TAROM plane had left London Heathrow [...]

Do not let your heart rule your head

One of the greatest difficulties we have as an international law firm operating in Romania is to explain the clients and potential clients the differences in the Romanian legal system and the system which they may be used to. They seem to think that the law should be the same as in their home country and [...]

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Romanian Credit Market

One of the issues I face writing this blog is the question of what to choose this week.  Do I write based on the law firms experience of new cases in Romania the preceding week/months or do I write about new legislation proposed or otherwise.  What is interesting for some is not as riveting for others.  Such [...]

Romania and the Junker Plan

The recent announcement by the European Union Commission of the Junker plan will have an important impact on Romania. It is clear to all businessmen that the economies of Eastern Europe still need much work done upon them even after seven years in the case of Romania of EU membership.  The same comments ap0-ply to many [...]

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What Is Really Going To Happen In 2015

Today (Monday) is the first business day of a new era for Romanian business and Romania. Yesterday saw the swearing in of the new Romanian President Klaus Johannis. It was the end of the era of President Basescu; it was also the 25th anniversary of the Revolution in Bucharest. Much has been written about this day 25 years ago [...]

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Is it Worth Investing in Romania?

Despite all their market research and inquiries clients still ask me the question "Is it worth investing and doing business in Romania"? This is of course a difficult question to answer and the answer will change over a period of twelve months. It is also very subjective. Had this question been asked of me at the beginning of [...]