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Tax Update, All Change – Perhaps?

Tax Update in Romania The Romanian Government has done what very few Governments in the past have done and that is that they have united both employers and Unions in a common cause.  They have done this by implementing the measures set out in Emergency Ordinance 79/2017 (“Ordinance “). This Ordinance was published on 10th [...]

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Transfer Pricing in Romania

Transfer pricing is becoming more and more of an issue in Romania.  Although not a member yet of OECD Romania has tried in many cases to follow the rules of the OECD.  A number of recent treaties against Double Taxation follow the OECD recommended format. One of the areas in which the OECD [...]

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Ash Is The Future of Smoking

In the 1930’s smoking was seen as the “in” thing to do. The social and economic pressure was such that no-one knew or cared about the consequences of smoking. This was also true in the 1950’s and early 1960’s. My own feeling is that it was a case of lack of knowledge other risks rather [...]

What Tax Will You Pay on Company Incorporation

One of the current most challenging issues on the incorporation of a company in Romania is the immediate tax impact on the company and its profitability. The majority of Romanian companies were incorporated with the minimum capital of two hundred (200) RON. This means a minimum capital of approximately forty five (45) Euros. This is [...]

Closer to Europe

Succession The 17th August may not have been a very important day for many people and lawyers in Romania, but it will have had an impact on them. For Romanian family lawers and those involved with tax planning, succession with cross border aspects have often given rise to complex structures. The law of succession varies [...]

Closer to European Taxation Norms

The Romanian Government is presently trying to change the current Financial Code and issue a new Romanian Financial Code.  The reasons for the changes appear to as much political as economic, and indeed a number of economists have criticized the Government for what they see as obvious electioneering. The reduction in certain taxes will certainly [...]

Romania and the Junker Plan

The recent announcement by the European Union Commission of the Junker plan will have an important impact on Romania. It is clear to all businessmen that the economies of Eastern Europe still need much work done upon them even after seven years in the case of Romania of EU membership.  The same comments ap0-ply to many [...]

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International Marriages

Family law in Romania for non Romanians is one of the more complicated areas of law, especially if you come from a common law country. This is I believe why we are often asked to give advice on inheritance law in relation to unions between Romanian and non-Romanian citizens. This is why one of the changes introduced in 2011 [...]

Tax Designated Inactive Companies and Entities

Last week I was traveling so I was unable to complete my blog. I apologize to those who missed it. Holidays and conferences get in the way, but at least it should allow some time for reflection. Indeed one of the pleasures of summer is that politicians go on holiday and there should be a [...]

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Romanian Real Estate Taxation

 Romania's taxation system is not noted for its clarity and it does no harm to remind investors of the current position under Romanian law. So this week I thought as prudent Lawyers in Romania we would revisit some tax aspects. Starting with 2007 the Romanian tax system changed in respect of real estate transactions. The legislators sought to impose a [...]

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