Commercial and business law governs every economy, setting the foundation for the failure or success of any given enterprise.

  That’s why Hammond Partnership offers first class legal services and solutions based on decades of experience for all your commercial and business legal needs.

Hammond Partnership’s commercial and business law client services

  Hammond Partnership’s team with extensive experience in a plethora of industries provides you with relevant legal counsel in a language you understand and that is adapted to your particular sector.

  By selecting the most effective representation and litigation tools, Hammond Partnership ensures the best course of action for the resolution of all commercial and business law cases.

  Each member of our commercial and business team offers valuable insight and helps the client in generating well-structured and impeccably documented solutions, fully compliant with their business needs.

Hammond Partnership’s experience in commercial and business law cases

 Over the years our lawyers have provided extensive legal advice and assistance in respect of commercial matters for our clients.

  Below we set out a representative sample of the work which we have undertaken:

Advising on potential claims for breach of copyright against an international oil company;

Drafting and concluding a floating loan note agreement in respect of 3 million Euro loan to Romanian company;

Structuring/restructuring of a Romanian insurance company and drafting shareholder’s agreements and shareholders option agreements;

Assisting in setting up operations for an international computer software company in Romania;

Consulting with foreign investors on structure and forming relevant Romanian subsidiaries as required.

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