Commercial and Business lawyer

The role of a lawyer in commercial and business law is quite important in terms of business strategic legal advice that has become primordial nowadays.

Due to the legal insecurity generated by the evolution of legislative changes and because the rules of fair competition are not respected by individuals in the business market, a professional lawyer for business matters needs to be constantly connected with all the changes that could endanger a client’s business.

Thus, Hammond Partnership Law Company provides professional legal advice services in the commercial and business field, offering services based on the experience of a specialized team such as:


 Assistance and legal representation on setting up companies, opening or closing a specific workplace, assisting shareholders in sessions, and so on.

 Assistance in the negotiation and implementation of commercial contracts, regardless of the nature of the commercial contracts, from the sale/purchase to the more complex ones;

 Legal assistance and representation in acquisition operations;

 Customer representation by lawyers specialized in commercial law;

 Legal assistance in debts recovery and recovery of claims relating;

 Representation of traders in payment orders, foreclosure, insolvency;

 Assistance in representation before Trade Register Office, ORC;

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Relevant experience – Commercial and Business Lawyer: Hammond Partnership

The goal of all our lawyers in business and commercial law is to protect the interests of individuals and legal entities, ensuring the development of solutions that are applicable both in the short and long term. The relevant experience of Hammond and Partnership lawyers can be summarized as:


Consultancy and representation regarding the execution of transactions according to the provisions of environmental law;

Assistance in acquiring an important block of shares from an IT company;

Consultancy for the restructuring of a loan accessed by a Romanian company at the time of its establishment;

Representation of companies in order to make investments in Romania;

Assisting clients to insure the assets of the company;

Representation of companies with foreign capital in order to trade certain stock packages.

Lawyer’s Fees – Commercial and Business Lawyer: Hammond Partnership

As people have questions regarding information about the fees of a lawyer specialized in Commercial and Business Law, we will try to offer an estimation to all those interested.

Estimated fees for our services in commercial and business law are variable. They will be determined by the difficulty and the length of time of the case handled by Hammond Partnership. We mention the fact that the complexity of the case and the additional activities could bring changes regarding the fees of the services offered. Yet, any changes of the fees will be stipulated in the contract.

Over the time, the customers who have chosen our lawyers, whether they were sitting up businesses, or they needed a lawyer to recover claims, they argued that the fee was a decent one for a lawyer in Commercial and Business.

Thus, regardless of the results obtained, we fix a flat fee for the case our lawyer will represented our client. However, an additional successful fee stipulated in the contract beforehand will be due if the results are achieved as agreed in the beginning.

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