Corporate and business lawyer

Both commercial law and business law are a key indicator of the current economy. For this reason, an in-depth knowledge of all provisions can afford the success.
In addition, the Hammond Partnership provides professional services focused on commercial transactions, court litigation, commercial leases etc. Moreover, the work of a lawyer for business law is in accordance with the interest and the needs of the clients.

Thus, our team of lawyers for business offers the following services:

Legal assistance in every and each field of the business law;

Mediation and conciliation regarding the business administration;

Legal assistance and consultancy regarding the changes from this area;

Legal assistance regarding the building of individual/ family business;

Legal assistance and representation in litigation regarding the exclusion of an associate from the company;

Legal assistance and representation in litigation between associates, shareholders and business partners;

Legal assistance and representation for companies in insolvency/ bankruptcy.

We offers first class legal services and solutions based on decades of experience for all your corporate and business legal needs.

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Relevant experience – Hammond Partnership Corporate and business lawyer

In this dynamic field, every business must be aware of all legal issues. This is the main basis for the Hammond Partnership law firm. Over the time, the entire team has provided legal assistance in the most various fields of experise:

Legal assistance for various foreign companies in order to set up branches in Romania;

Legal assistance for the drafting and the signing of a € 3 Million contract in the navigation area;

Legal assistance for setting up insurance companies;

Legal assistance regarding a petroleum company in terms of copyright infringement;

Legal assistance for setting up a company specialized in developing software computer.

Lawyer’s Fees – Corporate and business lawyer

Estimated fees for our legal services are variable. They can be determined by the difficulty and the length of time needed to solve the case. Additional activities may bring changes in the initial tariff. We offer valuable technical expertise based on decades of experience in the field,
whether the clients needed help with legal assistance or representation during the proceedings. Over the time, our clients have argued that the fees are decent for a lawyer for criminal law in Bucharest.
In conclusion, regardless of the final result, a fixed fee will be establish for the dispute. However, a success fee shall also be due when we solve the case of our client, but this is to be stipulated from the very beginning in the contract.

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