Divorce lawyer

A divorce can have emotional, psychological and financial consequences on the people involved. It is important to mention that the mentality of the people has changed and families who want a divorce are no longer condemned by society. People who want to divorce have other tools at hand to complete this process, and divorce is a much easier process both in terms of procedures of family law and the time needed to complete these procedures.

What you need to know when going through this difficult time is that you will need people who can help you move on. Whatever the reasons of the divorce are, whether we have cases of infidelity, domestic violence, misconduct, once you have made this decision, the most important step is to look for a good divorce lawyer. He is the one that can defend your rights and will help you make important decisions throughout the process.
Our services include all matters relating to divorce, separation, child support, cohabitation and marriage contracts, as well as the negotiation and litigation of all types of family law issues.

We offer a wide variety of services covering family law issues, such as:


annulment by divorce;

paternity ;

custody and placement;


adoption ;

prenuptial agreement;

parental responsibility;

custody and visiting rights after separation;

The legislation allows the following ways to divorce:

1. The Administrative Way

It is done in writing by making a divorce application signed and filed personally by both spouses in the presence of the Deputy Civil Status Officer. It may be filed in the town hall where you got married or at the nearest town hall in the neighborhood of your last common house. However, this is not possible when a case of divorce involves minors;

2. In front of a public notary

Unlike the administrative way, a request to a notary to dissolve a marriage is an exception from the general divorce procedure. This procedure is faster and simpler, but it is only possible only if both spouses have agreed to a divorce and have no disagreements on the other aspects arising out of their relationship.

3. By going to court

Litigation involves a tremendous amount of time, effort, and cost. You will need to be very involved in the process, do a lot of work, and attend many meetings and hearings. You can’t just leave it all for your lawyer to handle. You and your lawyer will work together very hard to get ready for your day in court.

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Relevant experience – Divorce Lawyer: Hammond Partnership

Family issues often affect important personal issues such as child custody and placement, adoption and dissolution of long-term relationships. We know that these issues are more than just legal issues – they are often life-changing personal events. Regardless of the circumstances, we will represent you with experience, care and respect.

Our reputation often encourages reasonable resolutions for these sensitive issues, but if necessary, we have the necessary experience for an effective litigation in the courtroom. We offer professional counseling services and professional assistance and representation services for divorce and marital property partition agreements.

Lawyer’s Fees – Divorce Lawyer

Depending on the complexity of the case, but above all, for the psychological comfort of those directly involved as parties to the trial (husband and wife) they can choose the legal services of a divorce lawyer from Hammond and Partners.

Over time, the clients for which we provided our lawyer services, whether it had to do with custody and placement, divorce, parental responsibility, custody and visiting rights after separation or if they needed a divorce lawyer to provide legal assistance or representation in court, their opinion was that our fee is decent for a divorce attorney. Regardless of the outcome, we fix a flat fee for the dispute in which the lawyer represents his client. However, if the results stipulated in the contract and targeted by the client are achieved, there will also be a successful fee.

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