Employment lawyer

An employment lawyer provides counseling, legal assistance, representation to both Romanian companies and foreign companies in the field of employment law in Romania. Due to the experience gained over time, the employment law services offered are both for employers and employees, disregard of the complexity of the case.

Employment Lawyer for Employee cases

Legal advice and assistance regarding the content, execution, modification or termination of employment contracts;

 Mediation and negotiation of employment conflicts;

 Conciliation between employees and the employer;

 Complaint procedures for decisions of the disciplinary commissions;

Confidentiality clauses;

Non-payment of wages;

 Unpaid leave;

 Gender discrimination, social status etc

 The application of unjustified sanctions.

Employment Lawyer for Employer cases

 Confidentiality pact, non-competition clauses;

 The drafting of internal regulations;

 The drafting of delegation and posting orders;

 Legal assistance in the case of sanctions received from Financial Guard or ITM;

 Advice for fusion and division procedures;

 The drafting of employment contracts, organizational regulations and job descriptions.

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Relevant experience – Employment Lawyers: Hammond Partnership

Regarding the relevant experience of the Hammond Partnership’s Employment Lawyers, there are some key aspects that define our experience for the employment legal services we offer:

Hammond Partnership has a good experience in providing legal assistance and coordination of the personnel reduction activity following the closure of a big company;

Hammond Partnership’s employment lawyers have provided legal assistance for obtaining visas and work permits for employees working in the oil and gas sector;

Hammond Partnership has offered advice for a company with regard to the national legislation in the field of employee law.

Lawyer’s Fees – Employment Lawyer: Hammond Partnership

Since people have questions about lawyer’s fees in the employment field, we offer you this information in order for our potential clients in the employment law field to have an estimation.

First of all, estimated fees for our services are variable. It will be determined by the difficulty and the length of time we estimate the case will take us to solve it. The complexity of the case and the additional activities or services could bring changes regarding the fees of the services offered.

On the other hand, over time, the customers who have chosen our lawyers, whether they have employee disputes, or they needed a lawyer to provide them legal assistance to contest the decisions of the commission of discipline, told us that the fee was a decent one.

Thus, regardless of the results obtained, we fix a flat fee for the case we offer legal assistance for. However, a successful fee will be due if the results stipulated in the contract are achieved by the lawyers from Hammond Partnership.

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