Hammond Partnership’s energy and renewable energy law client services

  Hammond Partnership combines decades of experience in one of the fastest moving markets and commercial knowledge that helps us in determining the optimal legal path for our clients. This two pronged approach guarantees first-class legal services in the energy and renewable energy sector.

  Faced with new technologies and challenges posed by climate change and an ever-evolving market, the energy and renewable energy industry requires a deft eye in determining the best opportunities and solutions that will allow a company to evolve and overcome any hurdles it may face.

  We specialize in investment documentation, advisory boards, ownership transfers, national requirements for multinational companies looking to invest in Romania’s energy and renewable energy industry and counselling entities regarding the Romanian legal system.

  For almost 30 years Hammond Partnership lawyers has been assisting our clients in staying ahead of evolving energy and renewable energy trends and in establishing the legal frameworks to ensure their company’s future in an ever-changing industry.

Hammond Partnership’s experience in energy and renewable energy law cases

  Advising a Romanian energy efficiency company on documentation in relation to Middle East Investment.

  Reviewing and drafting documents in relation to transfer of ownership of Romania’s largest independent oil company.

  Advising an international geothermal company on requirements in Romania and negotiating joint venture agreement.

  Counselling an international drilling company on legal requirements in Romania.