Hammond Partnership’s team of attorneys specialized in bankruptcy and insolvency law has acted both on behalf of creditors and insolvent companies.

  Our services have included assistance for banking institutions in relation to recovery of their monies, as well as defending claims.

  We have worked with both liquidators in respect of the disposal of assets, as well as considering work-outs.

Hammond Partnership’s bankruptcy and insolvency law client services

  Hammond Partnership has the experience and know-how to assist in the most complex cases of bankruptcy and insolvency in all industry sectors.

  Our reputation in the field is built on the ability to respond quickly, offer effective negotiation frameworks and appropriate solutions based on the business and legal context, ensuring the greatest benefits for our clients.

  Hammond Partnership has experienced attorneys that can grasp all the nuances of the situation and offer relevant solutions within the shortest timespan with a penchant for swift handling of delicate situations.

  From negotiations to mediation and court cases, Hammond Partnership will offer you the strategy and solutions best suited to your specific needs.

  The result? A fully-integrated approach to bankruptcy and insolvency cases at all levels of court.

Hammond Partnership’s experience in bankruptcy and insolvency cases

Involved in advising a major bank on assets security and assisting a debtor in repayment procedures.

Representing creditors in the creditors’ meeting/committee to protect their interests.

Identifying potential liabilities for the debtor’s directors and shareholders.

Considering assets and possible solutions in respect of the debtor’s businesses and reviewing contracts to ensure maximum recovery.

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