Criminal Law

  Our team offer legal advice to those who require immeadiate assistance in preparing and lodging a defence in criminal cases. Our experience covers incidence of road traffic offences to fraud and white collar crimes.

  Hammond Partnership’s team of specialized lawyers in the field of Criminal Law can also offer legal advice in advising in respect of the steps to be followed if under investigation to lodging a criminal complaint as well as representing the client during the proceedings.

Hammond Partnership’s relevant experience in the field of Criminal Law

  Over the past, our team has advised and represented clients regading this area of expertise as follows:

  Legal assistance and representation in police and court procedures for a client in respect of a criminal complaint against an employee accused of embazzlement. This included research into the alleged offence and drafting and representing the client in front of the Courts during all procedures and obtaing a conviction.

  Representing a client in the criminal procedure for road traffic crime of driving with alchole above the legal limit and obtaining a dismissal of the action.

  Drafting defence applications in respect of a number of criminal accusations.

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