Debt Collection & Enforcement procedures

  While doing business there is always a chance that it will be necessary to collect a debt through Court action. This is why Hammond Partnership offers its experience and knowledge in order to make this process as smoothly as possible. We advise local and international companies relating to the recovery of debts in Romania. Giving individual solutions for each case according to the Romanian legislation.

Hammond Parrtnership’s experience in debt collection

  Our law firm has acted in numerous cases for clients in respect of recovering outstanding debts from their Romanian debtors, the following being just a few examples:

  Our office acted for a major fitness club on the UK market in respect of recovering outstanding debts from its Romanian partner.

  Assisting a northern company in order to recover its debts from a Romanian market player.

  Helping a Polish company to recover the price paid for contaminated goods and reaching an agreement with the defendent.

  Helping a client based in Dubai to recover the outstanding debts from its partner based in Romania, providing legal advice through the whole process of litigation and enforcements procedures.