Hammond Partnership’s family law client services

  Our Family law lawyers handle the most delicate cases when it comes to a law firm’s caseload.

  That is why Hammond Partnership’s team of lawyers, specialized in family law, approaches any client’s issue with tact, diplomacy and utmost care.

  Hammond Partnership both guides and advocates for our clients (regardless of nationality), helping them navigate the emotional landscape of an unpleasant situation and allowing them to understand Romanian Family law and make the best choices when it comes to custody, finances, spousal support and assets.

  Whereas sometimes cases can be settled outside of court through negotiation and mediation, other times there is no other option but litigation. In both cases, our team will represent your interests and help you reach a mutually satisfactory outcome.

  Aside from the fact that family law is intrinsically complex, confusing and daunting to our clients, there is also the issue of dealing with cases whose parties comes from different countries, cultures and prefer different legal systems.

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Divorce lawyer

Hammond Partnership’s experience in family law cases

Assisting a client in enforcing a US custody order in relation to child retained in Romania against the wishes of the parent to whom custody had been granted;

Providing advice in respect of rules of succession to English courts in relation to Romanian assets;

Providing a legal opinion to Canadian courts in relation to Romanian law and its implementation under The Hague Convention;

Advising in relation to sale of assets in Romania following the granting of a divorce decree in a foreign jurisdiction.

Are you looking for a lawyer specialized in family law issues?

Family lawyer