FAMILY  lawyer

Before any formal, legal or legislative background, a family lawyer from Hammond Partnership values family above everything. Thus, we successfully provide legal assistance and representation in family law disputes. The cases are solved in the most discreet way, in order to protect the lives and the reputation of our clients. So, the services offered by a family lawyer could be summarized as follows:

So, the services offered by a family lawyer could be summarized as follows:

legal adoption;

annulment by divorce;

negotiation for divorce settlement;

legal advice and representation in the custody procedure for minors;

legal counseling and representation in setting maintenance allowance;

legal representation in determining the child’s paternity from marriage or outside marriage;

legal advice;

legal assistance and representation in sharing of common goods;

drafting transactions;

dividing common goods before and after divorce;

termination of parental rights.

The field of family law is very complex. In addition, the Romanian law firmHammond Partnership offers advice and assistance regardless of the nationality of our clients. Our team of family lawyers provides assistance to all our clients for them to make the best decisions, but also, for them to overcome emotions and mental stress.

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Relevant experience – Family Lawyer: Hammond Partnership

Regarding the relevant experience of Hammond Partnership team of family lawyers, there are some aspects that define the entire range of services:

Family lawyers assist a client in enforcing a custody order in relation to a child retained in Romania.

Family lawyers provide a legal opinion to courts in relation to Romanian law;

Family lawyers provide advice in respect of rules of succession to English courts in relation to Romanian assets.

Lawyer’s Fees – Family Lawyer

Since people have questions about our fees in the family law field, we can offer some estimations for our clients to know beforehand some relevant aspects.

First of all, estimated fees for our services are variable. It will be determined by the difficulty and the length of time needed to solve the case. The difficulty of the case and the additional activities could bring changes regarding the fee for the services offered.

On the other hand, we provide law family services for clients, whether it is legal representation in establishing the child’s paternity, or a settlement in court for a divorce. Thus, regardless of the results obtained, we fix a flat fee for the dispute in which the lawyer represents his client. However, if the results stipulated in the contract and targeted by the client are achieved, there will be also a successful fee.

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