Financial-Banking lawyer

A lawyer for Financial-Banking legal matters from Hammond Partnership provides consulting, legal assistance and representation in fields that concern financial law, fiscal law and banking law. The Romanian tax legislation and the international context are continuously evolving, and the legal relations between consumers and the banks are regulated by the financial law. So, the professional legal services provides by the lawyers in the financial field include:

Banking assistance and consultancy;
Financial assistance and consultancy;
Legal assistance and representation on any banking – financial litigation before the courts;
Drawing up of banking contracts and adapting it to the legislative changes;
Legal assistance and representation regarding the negotiation and conclusion of credit agreements;
Assistance in the process of foreclosure of the individuals and legal persons;
Legal assistance in recovering debts of bad debtors;
Renegotiating and removing abusive clauses in credit agreements;
Legal advice for the leasing companies;
Drawing up the judicial accounting expertise necessary to protect the client’s interests in financial-banking law;
Assistance and representation in the payment procedure.

Relevant experience – Financial and Banking Lawyer: Hammond Partnership

We protect our clients’ interests by providing legal solutions both in the short and the long term, regardless of the complexity of the financial legal case.

The relevant experience of our lawyers specialized in Financial-Banking Law is reflected in:

Legal consulting in order to achieve investments in oil resources field;

Advice to a banking credit for a logistics company;

Assisting several non-banking institutions in the process of establishing and obtaining authorizations from the National Bank.

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Lawyer’s Fees for Financial – Banking legal matters

Since people have questions about lawyer fees in the Financial-Banking field, we try and give you an estimate of how much could such a case cost.

Estimated fees for our services are variable. It will be determined by the difficulty, by the complexity and by the length of time necessary to solve the legal case handled to us. The additional activities could bring changes regarding the regular fees of the services offered, but this would be stipulated in the contract beforehand.

Over time, our customers, whether they were recovering bank loans, or they needed a lawyer specialized in foreclosure, said that the fee for a lawyer specialized in Financial Law was quite decent.

Thus, regardless of the results obtained, we fix a flat fee for the case for which we represent our client. However, a successful fee will be due if the results are achieved according to the contract by the lawyers from Hammond Partnership.

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