You never know when you’ll face a complex tax situation that calls for outside help. If you’re lucky, it will never happen to you, and dealing with your taxes will be a seamless and straightforward process.

A tax lawyer’s help can be useful if you are facing a complex or difficult legal tax situation. This might include instances where:

  • you are setting up a new company and you are trying to decide between the various ways to structure your company
  • you are selling your company or purchasing a new one
  • you are starting an international business
  • you are purchasing investments with complex tax issues
  • you are the executor of an estate and need advice regarding whether and how much is owed in estate taxes
  • you want to appeal an audit

Tax attorneys know everything regarding tax laws, regulations, and policies at several levels — federal, state, and municipal. Also, your tax attorney will also help you do business outside the country. This way, you can be guided when it comes to foreign tax rules and regulations.

Finding a qualified and competent tax lawyer can be a difficult process, but there are three steps to finding one that is well suited to handling your financial legal concerns:

– Identify which legal issues you are involved in that require a tax lawyer or what questions you have for such an attorney;
– Find tax lawyers that match your needs and do your research: Once you’ve identified exactly which type of legal help you need, look out for lawyers that specialize in that area;
– Contact the lawyer you are interested in: now that you’ve identified your legal needs and have done some research on lawyers available to you, you will want to contact them;

The services provided by a good tax lawyer include:

• Legal assistance regarding local taxes;
• Transaction assistance and consultancy services;
• Regular information regarding the modification of the legal regulations in the fiscal field;
• Legal assistance regarding the existence of creditors and finances;
• Assistance and representation in public courts and in front of tax authorities;
• Consultancy for obtaining the feasibility studies or financing;

Tax lawyer for Limited Liability Company – SRL in Romania

The Limited Liability Company (in Romanian SRL) is the most common form of organization of companies in Romania, being also one of the safest for associates.

A tax attorney can also guide you through the pros and cons of choosing a Limited Liability Company. As a small business owner, protecting your personal assets and your company is a high priority. Forming your business as an LLC, or Limited Liability Company, allows you to do this quickly and flexibly, while minimizing your tax burden. In addition to favorable tax treatment and liability protection, an LLC has benefits for estate planning and succession.

When you are ready to formally separate your business and personal assets, but don’t intend to go public or take on outside investment, an LLC can be a great option. Weighing the pros and cons of any business structure is critical, which is why discussing your options with an experienced tax lawyer can help you make the best choice.

Our lawyers have a rich experience regarding the analysis and consulting related to the key legal aspect for carrying out various operations.

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Tax problems are usually a serious matter and must be handled appropriately so it’s important to that you’ve hired the best lawyer for your particular situation.

Over time, our tax lawyers have been able to develop ideal strategies to achieve the best results. Our main goal is to maximize the potential of the businesses of our clients.

The complexity of the fiscal legislation is a decisional factor for the commercial market, mainly due to the increase in tax liabilities. However, we have managed to find solutions and to create professional strategies for our customers. Before you call a tax lawyer, make sure you have all the documents and information at hand so that he can start working right away for you.

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