A tax lawyer, also called a tax attorney, has expertise in the complicated and often-changing world of taxes.

Tax lawyers act as advisers for clients in order for the last ones to optimize their financial statement while strictly abiding by the law. They may also appear at audit hearings to negotiate on behalf of their clients for the reduction or elimination of tax obligations and related fines. Tax laws cover income, corporate, excise, luxury, estate and property taxes, to name just a few.
Tax lawyers also keep up with every single change in tax law. Tax laws change every year. Some years, the changes are relatively minor, such as adjustments, while in others taxes are changed quite often. Also, here we have to take into consideration the country a tax lawyer operates in, as in certain ones, such as Romania as well, the number or the percentage of taxes are changed every year.

How to start the process of finding the best tax lawyer for your case?

Finding a qualified and competent tax lawyer can be a difficult process, but there are three steps to finding one that is well suited to handling your financial legal concerns:

– Identify which legal issues you are involved in that require a tax lawyer or what questions you have for such an attorney;
– Find tax lawyers that match your needs and do your research: Once you’ve identified exactly which type of legal help you need, look out for lawyers that specialize in that area;
– Contact the lawyer you are interested in: now that you’ve identified your legal needs and have done some research on lawyers available to you, you will want to contact them;

Before choosing a tax lawyer, consider asking him:

• How long have you been a tax lawyer?
• How many similar cases have you dealt with before?
• How would you handle my case?
• Can you tell me your overall strategy?

What kind of services do tax lawyers offer?

There are some services which every good tax lawyer offers:

• Legal assistance regarding local taxes;
• Transaction assistance and consultancy services;
• Regular information regarding the modification of the legal regulations in the fiscal field;
• Legal assistance regarding the existence of creditors and finances;
• Assistance and representation in public courts and in front of tax authorities;
• Consultancy for obtaining the feasibility studies or financing;

These are just a few of the areas that require the service of a tax lawyer. No matter what area of tax law and attorney will choose, there are certain qualities that are mandatory. Your tax attorney has to listen to your problem, even if it is just a simple question about how certain income should be reported. He will research the law and regulations, or may have the experience to provide pieces of advice without further research. In either case, your tax lawyer will provide counsel and advice on how to deal with your problem within the bounds of the law.


A tax lawyer offers assistance and consultancy services regarding the facts and legal reports in front of the tax control bodies.

Romania did not have a coherent fiscal system, corresponding to the requirements of the transition stage to the market economy, carrying out a gradual reform, which, unfortunately, did not always generate beneficial effects on the economic environment. Lawyers specializing in tax law are aware of all the legal features of the transactions in the business environment and the details of the tax requirements. Before you call a tax lawyer, make sure you have all the documents and information at hand so that he can start working right away for you.


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