Hammond Partnership’s insurance law client services

  The Hammond Partnership legal team has many years of experience in handling cases for both domestic and international entities when it comes to Romanian insurance law.

  Our attorneys offer legal consultancy and representation services in respect of the newest Romanian Insurance law based on real-world experience of having actively participated in the setup and development of the insurance sector in Romania after the 1989 Revolution.

  What started off as a budding industry in Romania has now become a thriving sector that supplies all manners of insurance-related services: pensions, property and casualty claims, mal practice and all manner of coverage-associated services.

  This means that the local insurance market offers unparalleled opportunity for investors and multinational companies looking to grow their business in a country that is becoming more and more aware of the necessity of insurance in all walks of life and has adapted it’s insurance law accordingly.

  The Hammond Partnership team is here, at the forefront of insurance law, to provide legal assistance to local and international clients in setting up a solid footing in this thriving market, in making sure that all national requirements are met and in negotiating with local regulatory bodies.

Hammond Partnership’s experience in insurance law cases

Examples of this experience are set out below:

Acting for investors in setting up a Romanian life insurance company;

Acting on the disposal of pension policies issued in accordance with Romanian Insurance law;

Liaising between a client and a Romanian insurance commission on requirements under Romanian Insurance law and observing the regulations.

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