Whether it’s about damages, tax returns or moral damages, our lawyers for insurance law from Hammond Partnership law firm offers legal assistance and representation to:

the persons harmed by civil offenses;

the persons harmed by civil liability;

the persons harmed by cases of malpractice;

the persons harmed by an accident and so on.

Thus, our team of lawyers for damages, life insurance or malpractice offers the following services:

representation and assistance to persons/companies who have suffered a material damage or a moral injury;

malpractice assistance;

legal assistance in different disputes;

legal assistance for material damages and moral damages;

representation of insurance companies in disputes concerning the insurance of RCA and CASCO;

representation and legal assistance to insurance companies;

legal assistance to insurance/ reinsurance brokers.

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Relevant experience – Insurance lawyer: Hammond Partnership

Regarding the relevant experience of a lawyer for insurance law from Hammond Partnership firm, we mention several aspects:

Helping investors setting up a Romanian life insurance company;

Representation to create pertinent points of view from the institution empowered to interpret the legal provisions in this field;

Acting on the disposal of pension policies issues in accordance with Romanian Insurance law.

Lawyer’s Fees – Insurance lawyer

Nowadays, the insurance law is a complex and important field. First of all, our clients should know that estimated fees for our services are variable. They can be determined by the difficulty and the length of time needed to solve the case. Also, the additional activities may bring additional costs, but they will be stipulated in the contract.

Our clients have been pleased with the services provided by our lawyers for insurance law. Also, they argued that the fees are decent. For example, the price /quality ratio is very affordable for a lawyer in moral damages.

Therefore, regardless of the final results, a fixed fee will be established for the dispute. However, a success fee shall also be stipulated for winning the case.

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