Hammond Partnership’s IT and communications law client services

  The fastest developing sector in Romania needs a team that is quick on its feet, up to speed with any and all industry changes and who understands the importance of constant evolution and innovation. In order to establish a successful IT or communication business, you need a partner who is always on top of constant change, be it of the technological or regulatory variety.

  In a sector defined by changes, Hammond Partnership offers you the legal support you need: constant, proactive, timely and completely bespoke to your company’s needs.

  The members of our team are in contact with local regulatory bodies. This allows us to foresee any changes and assess their impact on your business before it is implemented in the IT and communications sector.

  Our knowledge extends to both a national and international level: licensing, regulation, policy, intellectual property, competition, M&A, etc.

  Hammond Partnership offers your company decades of experience with regulations, compliance, licensing and all manner of industry-related issues.

Hammond Partnership’s experience in IT and communications law cases


Counselling an off-shoring web service company on setting up operations in Romania;
Advising an international software company on licensing requirements on business in Romania;
Advising a Romanian company on updating requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation E.U;
Reviewing legislation and advising a Romanian pharmaceutical company on setting up e-commerce.

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