Lawyer for criminal law

The right to defense is one of the fundamental principles of the criminal law. That is why the Hammond partnership lay firm provides assistance and representation for criminal court cases. From criminal offenses to fraud, a lawyer in the criminal law is next to his client, defending his rights.
We can start from the very first phase of the criminal process until the assistance and representation in both the penal prosecution phase as well as during the trial itself.
Thus, the lawyers shall ensure full exercise of customers’ rights and focus on creating an ideal strategy in order to achieve the best possible outcome/result.
One of the most important indicators that define us as a team is the continuous training in the legal field. In order to find effective solutions, the entire team is always aware of all changes in the legislature, and are up to date with the latest rulings of the High Court of Cassation and Justice and of the Constitutional Court.

Hammond Partnership law firm provides professional legal services in criminal law, offering solutions based on the experience of a team of specialized lawyers. So, our criminal law services include:

Legal assistance and representation in front of the Courts;

Legal assistance in the criminal investigation phase in front of judicial authorities;

Legal assistance, consultancy and representation of the civil parts in the criminal proceeding regardless of the competent Court;

Collecting the evidence for defence;

Creating the strategy and managing the defense issues;

Development of applications for revocation of the preventive measures or for conditional release;

Assistance in respect of execution or interruption of the appeals.

In addition, we treat with maximum efficiency each and every case, providing assistance and representation to both individuals and companies in criminal cases such as:

Corruption offenses;


Theft, embezzlement;

Murder/qualified homicide;

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs;

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Relevant experience – Hammond Partnership: lawyer for criminal law

Over the time, our lawyers for criminal law have been able to develop ideal strategies for obtaining the best results in criminal proceedings. Among our cases, we mention:

Legal assistance and representation for a client in respect of a criminal complaint against an exmployee accused of embazzlement. The result was the cover for the damage caused;

Representation in the criminal procedure for road traffic offence of driving with alcohol above the legal limit and obtaining a dismissal of the action;

Lawyer’s Fees – Lawyer for criminal law

Estimated fees for our legal services are variable. They can be determined by the difficulty and the length of time needed to solve the case. Additional activities may bring changes in the initial tariff.
We offer valuable technical expertise based on decades of experience in the field, whether the clients needed help with legal assistance or representation during the proceedings. Over the time, our clients have argued that the fees are decent for a lawyer for criminal law in Bucharest.
In conclusion, regardless of the final result, a fixed fee will be establish for the dispute. However, a success fee shall also be due when we solve the case of our client, but this is to be stipulated from the very beginning in the contract.

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