The IT area has evolved in a great way in Romania during the last years. This is the main reason why any company operating in this field needs a lawyer for IT and Telecommunication: to prevent any unexpected situation that may appear along the way during the execution of the contracts.

Hammond Partnership has a team of lawyers for IT & Telecommunication sector who provide expert legal assistance and advice, from simple issues which might appear to the most complex problems.

In addition, IT and Telecommunication legal services include:

Legal advice on data and voice transmissions;

Representation, assistance and legal advice on the protection of privacy and the processing of personal data;

Legal assistance in drafting contracts specific to the IT field;

Legal solutions related to web issues;

Legal assistance related to software development;

Legal advice on intellectual property rights or other computer frauds;

Legal assistance on the requirements for certain operating licenses;

Legal advice on the legal provisions applicable to the electronic signature;

Online Business support.

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Relevant experience – Hammond Partnership: lawyer for IT & Telecommunications

The experience of our lawyers can be materialized in the form of legal services provided for protecting our clients’s interests, assisting and advising on IT issues. The experience of our lawyers for IT and Telecommunications could be summarized as follows:

Legal consulting activities offered to on off-store company for web;

Legal advice and assistance to pharmaceutical company regarding e-commerce;

Legal assistance granted to an international company to obtain an operating license in Romania;

Advice for processing of personal data from the point of view of applicable lawmaking.

Lawyer’s Fee for IT & Telecommunications legal matters

Because we value the good information for our customers, we feel obliged to give some details about Hammond Partnership’s fees for IT and Telecommunication area.

Estimated fees for the services offered are variable. Also, it will be determined by the difficulty and duration of time needed for solving the case handled by IT& Telecommunications lawyers.

Please note the fact that the amount of time and activities added to those mentioned in the initial discussions can bring changes in the price of the services offered.

Over time, the customers have appealed to our services, whether we are talking about legal assistance related to software, hardware or other technology, or that they needed a lawyer to give them representation on the protection private life. They argued that the fee was a decent one for a lawyer in IT& Telecommunications.

Therefore, regardless of the final result, a fixed fee will be set for the litigation. However, the successful fee will be due if the result is positive for the client, as stipulated in the contract.

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