Once the daily number of cases of people infected with the SARS COV 2 virus reached 10.000 and when extending the state of alert that Romania has been under for the latest 6 months, the Government has sought fit to establish further measures both in the areas of fiscal and labour law.
The main measures regarding the labour law area are in respect of the teleworking where under the new law where the job description allows, the employer will decide to use teleworking without having to obtain the employee’ approval.
In case a company will decide to use for the next period of time the teleworking system, signing an Addendum to the labour contract will not be needed but a simple decision issued by the employer stipulating that for a specific period of time all employees or some of them will be using teleworking or working from home should suffice.
Furthermore, in case the teleworking will be applicable the employer can provide the necessary equipment for the work to be performed remotely but the parties can agree in writing otherwise, namely for the employee to use his own equipment under specific conditions.
In respect of the companies activating both in the private and public sector having more than 50 employees it is recommended that the activity, if possible should be performed using teleworking or working from home.
In case this will not be possible then the company should organize their working schedule so that different groups of employees will start and terminate the working schedule at least 1 hour apart.