Hammond Partnership’s litigation and arbitration client services

Punctual, relevant and client-oriented advice is the defining feature of Hammond Partnership’s litigation and arbitration services. While winning is our go-to outcome when it comes to litigation, Hammond Partnership believes that there is a lot to be said in favor of settling legal matters outside of court. That is why our thinking revolves around the strategy best suited for your success to obtain the result you require.

Our litigation team offers full support from arbitration to all instances of litigation law, from ordinary courts to the Supreme Court and from national frameworks to an international level – our commitment to our clients remains the same.

Hammond Partnership’s experience in litigation and arbitration cases

Our litigation team has extensive experience in both local and international cross-border litigation and arbitration at all levels including the Supreme Court.

Recent achievements in the litigation field:

Representing an Australian client to recover land and property illegally taken by the Communist regime;

Advising a major UK contractor on a building construction contract with Romanian Government party and advising on enforcement of terms and recovery of monies;

Successfully representing a re-insurance company concerning claim brought for damage to aircraft at an incident in Romania;

Obtaining recognition of and enforcing of registration of foreign judgments in Romania by law firms based outside of Romania.

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