Mergers and Acquisitions lawyer

Our lawyers provide legal assistance during bidding procedures and/or direct negotiations, ensuring legal services, including legal due-diligence, in order to assess key issues highly significant for your final goal (corporate issues, real-estate, commercial contacts, financial agreements, authorization and licensing, competition compliance, IP protection compliance).
In addition, the Hammond Partnership provides professional services focused on commercial transactions, court litigation, commercial leases etc. Moreover, the work of a M&A lawyer for business is in accordance with the interest and the needs of the clients. We monitor the M&A deals done on the M&A Romanian market to deliver the best possible M&A law services for our clients.
The M&A Romanian market will surely expand as more companies see the value of having an operation with a young enthusiastic workforce in Romania who they can develop for the purpose of their business as a whole. Whether dealing with the intricacies of corporate mergers and acquisitions or offering consultancy for companies looking to invest in Romania, Hammond Partnership’s clients can always rely on us for objective assessments that help them in planning the best course of action.

Thus, our team lawyers for M&A offers the following services:

 Legal assistance in every and each field of the business law;

 Mediation and conciliation regarding the business administration;

 Legal assistance and consultancy regarding the changes from this area;

 Legal assistance regarding the building of individual/ family business;

 Legal assistance and representation in litigation regarding the exclusion of an associate from the company;

 Legal assistance and representation in litigation between associates, shareholders and business partners;

 Legal assistance and representation for companies in insolvency/ bankruptcy

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Relevant experience – Commercial and Business Lawyer: Hammond Partnership

The goal of all our lawyers in business and commercial law is to protect the interests of individuals and legal entities, ensuring the development of solutions that are applicable both in the short and long term. The relevant experience of Hammond and Partnership lawyers can be summarized as:

Consultancy and representation regarding the execution of transactions according to the provisions of environmental law;

Assistance in acquiring an important block of shares from an IT company;

Consultancy for the restructuring of a loan accessed by a Romanian company at the time of its establishment;

Representation of companies in order to make investments in Romania;

Assisting clients to insure the assets of the company;

Representation of companies with foreign capital in order to trade certain stock packages.

Lawyer’s Fees – M&A lawyer: Hammond Partnership

The goal of all our M&A lawyers is to protect the interests of individuals and legal entities, ensuring the development of solutions that are applicable both in the short and long term.

First of all, estimated fees for our services are variable. It will be determined by the difficulty and the length of time needed to solve the case. The difficulty of the case and the additional activities could bring changes regarding the fee for the services offered.

An M&A lawyer has to estimate the extent and complexity of documentation to be reviewed in each of the subject matter areas. Hundreds of simple contracts, or complicated ones that are all the same, are easier to review than a few unique and complicated ones. The better drafted they are, the easier they are to evaluate.

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