Real Estate lawyer

Hammond Partnership is a recognized and an experience law firm for real estate and construction legal matters. Thus, whether you are interesed in buying, renting or selling a real estate, or you want to find solutions for various litigations regarding a certain property, you need a lawyer for real estate law who provides assistance, representation and legal advice. Therefore, Hammond Partnership Real Estate lawyer team offers their knowledge for real estate transactions or for the cadastral documentation.

Our lawyers provide real estate legal services based on understanding our customers’ needs with a professional and result-oriented attitudine. So, whether you are interesed in a specialist lawyer in construction legal matters or a lawyer specialized in selling and purchase, Hammond Partnership law firm provides specialized services such as:

Legal assistance for development and real estate planning;

Legal assistance for apartments for selling/purchase;

Consultancy about FIDIC contracts;

Legal assistance for rental contracts for commercial premises including concession contracts;

Drawing up of selling/purachasing, rental or mortgage contracts;

Legal assistance for signing the contracts in front of a notary;

Legal assistance regarding various authorizations and approvals for the development of real estate projects;

Legal assistance for the national or international real estate transactions;

Legal assistance and representation for the cadastral or tabulation documentation.

Hammond Partnership Real Estate lawyer team offers their knowledge for real Estate transactions or for the cadastral documentation.

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Relevant experience – Hammond Partnership Real Estate lawyers

The main goal of our lawyers for real estate law is focused on resolving various litigations and providing the best solutions for real estate transactions.
Moreover, no matther what kind of activities are required by our clients, Hammond Partnership offers a high level of attention and consideration to each and every issue might appear. Finally, what really matters is getting the most satisfying results for our clients from real estate.

We highlight some key points for our revelant experience:

Legal assistance and consultancy during the process of purchasing an old castle to transform it into a hotel;

Legal assistance for selling an apartment as a result of a succesion debate;

Legal assistance and consultancy to a developer regarding the purchasing of land for the development of 150 houses.

Lawyer’s Fees – Real Estate and Construction lawyers

First of all, you should know that the fees for our services are variable. They can be determined by the difficulty and the length of time needed to solve the case. Also, the additional activities may bring changes to the initial tariff, but this is to be stipulated in the contract from the very beginning.
On the other hand, we offer valuable technical expertise based on decades of experience in the field, whether the clients wanted to obtain an authorization or they needed advices for residential projects, oficces and commercial projects.
In conclusion, regardless of the final result, a fixed fee will be establish for taking the case. Also, a success fee will be due when the case is solved according to the conditions stipulated in the contract.

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