A person should be able to know your rights and obligations and be represented fairly in any legal case.  A person has the right to receive legal assistance and representation in criminal proceedings.  Legal assistance and representation are regulated by the criminal procedure rules set down by the Romanian Parliament in the Penal Code of Romania.  These rules are set to provide effective exercise of the judicial bodies’ responsibilities and ensure that the rights of the participants in the criminal proceedings are respected. It also seeks to make sure that the proceedings comply with the Constitution and the European Union regulations and with the facts and agreements on fundamental human rights signed by Romania.  If you are looking for a lawyer in Romania that will assist, guide and represent you fairly in court, you may consult Hammond Partnership, an international lawyers firm in Romania.

Why choose Hammond Partnership?

Hammond Partnership has a vast experience in litigation and arbitration cases, both locally and internationally and also at all levels, including the Supreme Court.  Hammond Partnership legal experts offer full support in all instances of litigation law, whether local or cross-border international litigation instances. It does not matter if it is a case to be dealt with in an ordinary court or a case for the Supreme Court – you will find legal assistance at this firm. The Romanian law firm, as Hammond Partnership are experienced and client-oriented. Each case, no matter how complicated, is treated with care and consideration and proper research is done. Those at Hammond Partnership are firm believers in the fact that there is no problem without a solution. They will help you find out about your rights and obligations and assist you throughout the proceedings.


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