Romanian Business Services

We pride ourselves on offering business services to all companies in Romania including SME’s. If you are a Romanian entrepreneur thinking about setting up a business, there are many things to consider. With this in mind, we offer to clients who wish to start their own business a fixed price service dealing with the incorporation of a company and the initial documentation required as well as ongoing legal advice. To enable clients to obtain the correct legal advice we offer the following fixed price services.

  Incorporation documentation – 2250 RON

 Assistance in opening a bank account – 1000 RON

 Basic GDPR terms and conditions – 2500 RON

 VAT registration – 1000 RON

Ongoing legal advice – a fixed monthly fee the minimum fee from 1000 RON per month depending on anticipate requirements.

These fees are based on standard formation documentation in Romanian and any variation from the basic documentation will incur an additional fee. All fees are subject to VAT. In addition to our fees the client is responsible for all other costs such a capital, filing fees and notarial fees.