Succession rights

The transfer of the inheritance is mentioned in the Civil Code of Romania from Art. 953 to Art.1163. The fundamental law referring to the objective successor system is found starting with art. 73, where it is stated that “the general legal status of property and inheritance” can only be regulated by organic laws.

Inheritance is the transfer of the assets of a deceased person (the one who has left the inheritance) to one or more persons (who are named successors).

As a rule, if the successors reach an agreement and there are no cases of dispute, the next step is to call a notary who can do the fast procedure without the need by a court order, which usually requires a fair amount of time. In cases where disagreement between the successors is involved, court action is indicated.

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The advantage of appealing to the court is primarily financial, since the expenses related to the opening of the succession are lower compared to those required in the case of a notary.

So if there is the slightest suspicion that there are misunderstandings between heirs, court action is recommended. Moreover, according to the law, if the successors dispute each other’s quality or do not understand the composition of the inheritance mass or the rights they are entitled to, the public notary is legally obliged to pronounce an ordering of the suspension of the succession debate and to recommend that the parties refer to the court.

Among the services offered in the matter of succession law, we mention:

Counseling services on how to administer the inheritance of a deceased person, either as administrators or as lawyers of heirs. On behalf of the heirs, we ensure that the property will be managed correctly and in accordance with the law, and that all deadlines will be respected;

Assistance or representation services;

Assistance in planning all types of inheritance: from holiday homes to businesses – and managing relevant tax issues

Advice on how to manage assets in the field of property law and inheritances and succession;

In addition, we help you create a general overview that allows you to make the right decision about the succession;

Authentication of wills.

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