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The position of an administrator in a limited liability company in Romania

This article is intended to clarify some of the questions which arise regarding the role powers and authority of an administrator in a Romanian company.  The powers of the administrator in a Romanian limited liability company are not that extensive in comparison to the powers of administrators of other companies in Europe or [...]

Recovering Your Romanian Investment

Companies have been formed in the past for many reasons in Romania. Over the past few years, the Romanian Trade Registry has endeavoured to clean up the number of Romanian dormant or non-trading companies which had been set up in the first flush of a free trade economy as shown on the register. In many [...]

Is your investment safe?

During the property bubble in Romania a number of investors bought properties using a local company.  This was because a local company could own land even if the shareholders were foreign. This was so even if even for the purchase of an apartment which included the implied purchase of an undivided share in the land [...]