Tax law is a branch of public law. Fiscal legal reports are born in the process of collecting taxes or their administration. The administration of taxes and duties is a legal notion used by the tax procedure code, whose legal coverage is much wider, considering not only the collection, but also the tax registration, the tax return, the tax inspection and the tax dispute.

There are many situations in which the letter and the spirit of the law are not strictly applied precisely when the taxpayer’s rights in relation to the tax authority are concerned, although the aspects regarding his obligations are interpreted and applied extremely extensively. The taxpayer has rights established by law both in the stage preceding and during a fiscal control, as well as after the conclusion of a fiscal control. Whether it is the manner in which such an operation is notified to the taxpayer, the manner and duration of the control action, or the manner in which the control action is completed and the result is communicated to the taxpayer, the law provides a set of clear obligations for the body control and a number of correlative rights in favor of the taxpayer. To the extent that they are not complied with by the control body, these issues may give rise to appeals with a real chance of success.

Therefore, it is extremely important that each taxpayer knows exactly the rights and obligations he has, both when determining the amount of these tax obligations and when verifying how the control teams set and transfer the amounts.

What Does a Financial Lawyer Do?

Financial lawyers perform a wide range of tasks. A skilled financial lawyer will know how to handle one or all of the following:


A financial lawyer specialized in debts can help you understand the acceptable debt collection practices in your country.

2.Banking Matters 

A financial lawyer specialized in this field can assist you with various banking issues such as loans, mortgages and bank problems.


A tax lawyer will assist you in understanding how the various tax laws affect you or your company and will assist you throughout the entire tax process.


An experienced financial lawyer who specializes in insurance and annuities will help you understand exactly what your annuity contract means for you and your loved ones.

What do the services offered by a lawyer specialized in tax law include:

• Assistance in fulfilling the fiscal obligations (the way of preparation and the terms of submission of the fiscal declarations as well as the terms of payment of the taxes and fees);

• Correct interpretation of tax legislation;

• Assistance and advice on transactions;

• Periodic information on the modification of legislative regulations in the fiscal field;

• Legal assistance on obtaining loans and financing;

• Assistance and representation before the courts and tax authorities;

• Correct application of tax regulations.

In conclusion

Lawyers specializing in tax law are aware of all the legal features of the transactions in the business environment and the details of the tax requirements. Before you call a tax lawyer, make sure you have all the documents and information at hand so that he can start working right away for you.

To maximize the amount of help you can receive from your lawyer, whether it’s a financial lawyer or any other type of professional, make sure that you have all of the documents and information on hand so they can start working for you right away. Therefore, lawyers from Hammond- Partnership successfully combine legal skills with a unique understanding of the applicable legal framework.


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