Economic crimes – legal issues

Economic crimes have a special importance in law practice, through law practices. Economic crimes are regulated by both the Penal code and special laws.

Company management is exposed to both civil and criminal liability risks for the decisions they make, but the sound economic rationale for transactions and the documentation of operations and other activities can prevent such risks from materializing.

The importance of economic crimes is given both by the high number of cases involving crimes in the field of financial, banking and economic crime, in the conditions of the proliferation of this type of crime, and by the problems within the criminal prosecution in understanding these financial schemes, often extremely complicated), as well as in the approach of criminal investigations of this kind (research plan).

Undoubtedly, the investigation of economic crimes involves a level of difficulty higher compared to other areas of crime, a level that results both from the purely technical nature, most of the time, of the economic-financial mechanisms with which it operates and from the complex and laborious way in which evidence is administered in a criminal case of this kind.

Types of economic crimes:

  • Embezzlement
  • Tax evasion
  • Money laundering
  • Fraudulent management
  • Unfair competition

Criminal defence lawyer

Public or private institutions are equally interested in ensuring that their duties are performed, that the exercise of their functions is ensured against the corruptibility of officials or other employees, and against the tendency to obtain illicit earnings.

The Penal Code protects the activity of public and private organizations against abuses and negligence of civil servants or other employees, committed either in internal relations, ie in the immediate damage of the units where they are employed, or in external relations, ie in the immediate damage of private individuals (but perhaps to the detriment of a unit, other than the one where the service is provided by the clerk or other employee).

Our services include advice on the prevention of criminal acts (such as the preparation of legal analyzes, opinions and memoranda on various aspects of criminal law and criminal procedure; assistance and representation of clients in various extrajudicial proceedings to prevent criminal implications or complex risks preparation and conclusion of important civil transactions to settle amicably the civil side of criminal cases) and also assistance and representation services in criminal litigation (in the phase of criminal prosecution and trial).

The experience of the criminal lawyers from Hammond Partnership in the field of economic crimes (tax evasion, embezzlement, money laundering, etc.) allows counselling clients in adopting the best conduct to prevent the commission of such criminal acts, but criminal lawyers also offer representation in other areas of criminal law.

Here are some examples of situations where you need a criminal lawyer:

  • When the quality of suspect was brought to your attention or the criminal action was initiated against you;
  • When it has been proposed to take a preventive measure against you;
  • When the indictment has been issued and you have to make requests and exceptions before the pre-trial judge;
  • When you are the victim of a crime;
  • When you claim compensation of any kind after committing a crime.

Lawyer’s Fees – Lawyer for criminal law

Estimated fees for our legal services are variable. They can be determined by the difficulty and the length of time needed to solve the case. Additional activities may bring changes in the initial tariff.

We offer valuable technical expertise based on decades of experience in the field, whether the clients needed help with legal assistance or representation during the proceedings. Over time, our clients have argued that the fees are decent for a lawyer for criminal law in Bucharest.

In conclusion, regardless of the final result, a fixed fee will be established for the dispute. However, a success fee shall also be due when we solve the case of our client, but this is to be stipulated from the very beginning in the contract.

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